About Me


Welcome to my first blog! My name is Lisa and I am a product designer by profession and a keen baker by… well, for the main reason that I love cakes and all things sweet.

A little bit about myself- I’m a BBC (British-born Chinese, or for the patriotic an SBC – Scottish-born Chinese). I grew up in Edinburgh with my fairly traditional Chinese family. My parents did the ‘move to the UK for a betterĀ future’ in the 70’s along with my half brothers from my mum’s side. They spent years working at Chinese restaurants; in London and then settling in Edinburgh. They cooked in the kitchens – it was all they knew doing as they had not a single word of English in them. Anyway they cooked and cooked and thenĀ came my sister then 6 years later, me! Eventually my parents had set up their own Chinese restaurant in Edinburgh – it was pretty successful throughout and then years and years later they happily retired.

But enough about them, this blog is about me and my love for food and baking. I will mostly be shouting out about what I’ve baked or what I’ve got planned but hopefully, no I will! be writing about my experiences with food or cakes elsewhere too! The world is too exciting a place to make this blog solely on my baking.

BTW – I’m by no means an expert baker, I make lots of mistakes too but that’s how we learn. I love the process, trying new things, fail in the new things and then try again. I use recipes from books and online and sometimes I tweak a few things to make it my own but generally the base of my knowledge is based from others’ knowledge. You can’t eat the whole cake yourself – it’s better to share!

So here we are. I hope you’ll enjoy my slice to the world!