Apricot and Pistachio Loaf

There's nothing more satisfying than the smell of freshly baked bread at home - especially on a miserable rainy weekend. Now having said that I don't actually do much baking bread at home mostly because I find it a bit time consuming - not because of the actual getting your hands dirty part of the … Continue reading Apricot and Pistachio Loaf


London – Art, Food, Art, Food…

The other loves of my life - art, food, and friends. It's amazing how much you can squeeze into 2 1/2 days of London; x1 crazy uber experience, x5 exhibitions, lunches, dinners, catch-ups with friends, cakes, coffee, cocktails, ice-cream, markets, and many cups of tea! Here's a few highlights from our trip... 1. RAUSCHENBERG exhibition I … Continue reading London – Art, Food, Art, Food…

I’ve Scone Crazy

This is my all time favourite thing to make! It's easy, quick, and you can get really creative with different flavours. The first time I made scones I used Rachel Allen's 'Light sweet scone' recipe from her book 'Bake' (it's a wonderful book and I highly recommend it). This recipe has since been the soul to all … Continue reading I’ve Scone Crazy