Short but Sweet


A short introduction to my self discovery…

My parents are both diabetic and Chinese (great opener for my first post right?!) so growing up I was never really exposed to any home baking or treated to puddings post dinner. My sister and I grew up with chocolate bars from the corner shop or the odd yumyums and fudge doughnuts from the local Greggs. Also, did I mention my parents owned a Chinese restaurant? This meant visits to the Cash and Carry and being treated to massive industrial tubs of cola bottle sweets (mum and dad were obviously non-believers of the dentist).

So perhaps one can say my deprived childhood from cakes and baked goods led my future self to be so passionate in baking and in the eating.

Having said that I didn’t start to bake until I left home to study in Glasgow…back in 2005. My first bake – upside-down pineapple cake of course. (There’s a slight lie here – I actually baked that earlier in my life in one of the home economics class at high school). But! my first voluntarily baked cake was the one in 2005.

Over the years I made cakes, desserts, and breads. Sometimes it was a success sometimes not but who is perfect anyway.

Above image (from left to right): Cinnamon pinwheel, Chocolate truffles, Black Forest Gateau, Wild garlic and cheddar scones, courgette and pistachio cake, Frangipane tart, Red onion and rosemary focaccia, Tropical pavlova, Mixed spice biscotti.


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