Carina’s Cake

For those who don’t know me Carina is my soon to be 5 year old niece. As expected I always put my hand up for making her birthday cake, as well as her sister’s, my sister’s, and any other family members really (except for my other half Mike -oops! But how can I possibly surprise him if he’s there at home when I’m baking. Does anyone else have this problem?).

Anyway this is my niece…She’s a cheeky monkey.


Carina and her ice-cream

Now, this is a slightly retrospective post as I’m going to talk about her cake from last year.

A year ago Carina was really into My Little Pony and so it was just obvious to make a My Little Pony themed cake. I had it pictured in my head – I would have a stacked sponge smothered in chocolate and sprinkles; build a rainbow out of more sponge and iced with the different colours. Of course once I got to the rainbow it was a disaster – my sponge for the arch was not tough enough to be able to stand on its own or indeed look defined enough to make people go ‘ooooh wow look at that cool rainbow!’. After consulting with Mike (he’s pretty creative too), we decided that the rainbow just wasn’t going to happen. Without a sweat or panic we came up with PLAN B…

(By the way it’s quite good if you can sketch out your plan for decorating the cake especially if you’ve not done it before – preparation is key.)


My very very! rough sketch for planning the cake decorations including the unsuccessful rainbow!

My little Pony cake.jpg

My Little Pony cake – Process Pic

I made a devil’s food cake sponge (recipe by Nigella) that I then cut into two to provide a sandwich. I wanted extra height and variety so I also made a normal Victoria sponge to go in between the chocolate layers. In between all the layers there was raspberry jam and more of that chocolate frosting from Nigella’s recipe.


Success is in the eating

Now, for the decorations – as you can see the chocolate fingers worked a treat and it’s really quick. Same goes for the ice cream gummy sweets. Before you ask the My Little Pony figurines were not edible nor did I have the time and patience to make those myself. In fact I had entrusted good ol’ Ebay to supply those plus Carina got to keep them after so it’s a win-win. In hindsight I wish I had left more of the chocolate frosting exposed on the top, we went a bit OTT with sprinkles. Oh well, I’ll know for next time.

(FYI – If you’re wondering how I managed to place the hundreds and thousands so neatly in a circle – I used a sieve as a template for the sprinkles to go round.)

So, that was last year’s cake.

Carina’s birthday is in March and the request for this year is – ‘FROZEN’ (really?!? that’s still going??). I have a plan in my head already which I will share with everyone in due course.



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