I’ve Scone Crazy


This is my all time favourite thing to make! It’s easy, quick, and you can get really creative with different flavours.

The first time I made scones I used Rachel Allen’s ‘Light sweet scone’ recipe from her book ‘Bake‘ (it’s a wonderful book and I highly recommend it). This recipe has since been the soul to all of my scone bakes. Although it’s a plain scone recipe we can go a wee bit crazy with different flavours and ingredients. As it’s such an easy bake it’s quite good to be adventurous and try out a few things. I’ve used this recipe for sweet and savoury scones (having said that nothing too daring – yet!). But perhaps I will try a more exciting flavour in my next batch and add to the list below!

These are just to give you some ideas but if you know of a crazy recipe/flavour please share! I’d love to try it!

Sweet flavours –

  • Classic glacé cherry
  • Cranberries (also if you soak these in some orange juice it gives the scones a nice hint of orange too).
  • Pear and dark chocolate
  • Apple and cinnamon
  • And a lot of fruit scones!

Savoury flavours –

  • Classic cheese (I’d usually use cheddar but you can try others)
  • Caramelised onions, rosemary and goat’s cheese
  • Sun-dried tomatoes with feta and Italian herbs
  • Wild garlic (picked from my local walking spot) and cheddar cheese
  • Spring onions and cheddar cheese
  • I might have done one with cut up pieces of fried bacon – don’t remember but hey! Why not – give it a go!

One thing I love about making scones is getting your hands dirty when mixing the dough. By doing this you get to properly feel for the right consistency. You shouldn’t need to ‘knead’ the dough very much – just enough to bring it together, in the mixing bowl first then do a final mix on a work surface before cutting out your shapes.

Scone tips:

  1. Recipe above calls for buttermilk but milk is fine (and I usually make it with milk).
  2. Some recipes mentions rolling out the dough with a rolling pin. This isn’t necessary – you can just pat down the dough with your hands makes it more rustic (whoo! one less utensil to clean).
  3. If you’re using round cutters to make your scone shapes try not to twist it (this stops the sides of your scones from rising properly). Make a firm straight press using your cutter and lift it off straight.
  4. Coat your cutter with a little bit of flour in between cuts.
  5. Do not brush egg wash onto the sides of your scones as this will stop it from rising as well. Brush only the top surface.
  6. You can make rustic looking ones just by cutting random shapes with a knife.
  7. Oh this is a good one – upon forgetting to add and rub butter into the flour (please don’t ask how – something I’ll never be able to explain), I had discovered a slightly different twist to making scones and the result was not bad. I was just about to put the freshly cut-out cheese scones into the oven for baking until I remembered – the butter! Instead of scrapping the butterless dough I had already made I decided to ‘fold’ in the butter almost like making puff pastry. Once baked the last minute rescue with the butter had created these amazing yummy layers to the scones. Try it! (Unfortunately I don’t have any photos to show but when I make them again I’ll be sure to document it then).
  8. Lastly – be adventurous.


making-scones  wild-garlin-and-cheese-scone

Wild Garlic and cheese scones



Pizza scones


Glace cherry scones

Watch this space as I’ll be making scones in the next week or so, so I’ll be sure to take some snaps of the making process to share with you all.


2 thoughts on “I’ve Scone Crazy

  1. Rosie Pea says:

    Cheese and chutney.
    Lavender and honey.
    Chai scones (chai tea bag in warm milk for the milk bit and spice mix of cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger.

    I just made the chai one up inn my head so I might try it. If it works I claim full copyright!


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