Viennese Whirls


So I made these tonight.  First time making Viennese Whirls and they’re not tooooo bad, however I do need a lot more practice in using the pipe bag and piping in general. I took a recipe from the bbcgoodfood website. It’s a simple recipe to follow but I did find my dough mixture was a bit dry so I added some milk. Once I had put the dough mix into the bag for piping I then realised the mixture was too ‘hard’ to squeeze through the bag. To rectify that I removed the mix from the bag and blasted it in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Voila! Worked much easier once softened (probably didn’t need to add the milk!). My piping skills might not be the greatest but it will take practice.

There wasn’t much definition of the whirls in the bake – I probably should have chilled the dough first once I had piped it out (but there’s always next time). I was going to give up after the biscuits had been baked as I wasn’t too pleased with the results however upon tasting a sample of one of the smaller ones which wasn’t bad I decided to push forward and continued to make the butter icing. Look-wise not great but least they taste good.

Overall I think it was a good first attempt. I’ll be sure to make these again and carry on practising my piping!

Also please excuse the various sizes of biscuits in the photos – Mike was helping in the kitchen too! Home-baking at its finest.

(If you want accurate sized biscuits I would suggest a print out of a circle template to place under the baking sheet for piping – think I’ll try that next time as well)!



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