Hey Espresso!

Espresso Masterclass As part of my Christmas present last year Mike got me this amazing espresso masterclass at Brew Lab in Newington, Edinburgh. It's a 3 hour long session with Brew Lab's Head Barista (I think the person varies? but I had this lovely lady called Claire - she was brilliant). She taught us how … Continue reading Hey Espresso!


I’m Bananas about you…

I like to dedicate this post to my (ex)colleague Graham who had his last day in the office with us on Friday. I have worked with Graham since I started at i4PD, that's 6 years of my life and he has been a tremendous colleague and friend. Very considerate, calm, and encouraging to a young designer … Continue reading I’m Bananas about you…

Carina’s 5th Birthday Cake

So being the good aunty that I am here is the 'Frozen' themed birthday cake that I promised my wonderful niece. It may not be the prettiest or fanciest cake that I've produced but I'm rather pleased with it, especially because I was in such a zombie state after a very busy week in Poland … Continue reading Carina’s 5th Birthday Cake


Craving for Empire Biscuits

For a sugar lover this classic Scottish biscuit hits the right spot. We sure know how to indulge with a double layer buttery  biscuit. There's sweetness upon sweetness with the jam and icing sugar, and of course there's the cherry on top. This is my first time making these biscuits but the recipe I found … Continue reading Craving for Empire Biscuits