Carina’s 5th Birthday Cake


Victoria sponge cake with vanilla butter icing

So being the good aunty that I am here is the ‘Frozen’ themed birthday cake that I promised my wonderful niece. It may not be the prettiest or fanciest cake that I’ve produced but I’m rather pleased with it, especially because I was in such a zombie state after a very busy week in Poland for work with the travelling etc. (any old excuse!). I have to say – Mike helped a lot with the icing and decorating and I wouldn’t have finished it in time for the party if it wasn’t for him. We’re a good team! Thanks Mikey!

What I particularly love about this cake is the element of surprise when you cut into it. The outside looks rather plain and monotone with the normal butter icing however with the coloured sponges inside it certainly provides that added wow factor. I knew I would struggle with time so I had kept the design simple and there’s nothing fancy about the sponge, just good old Victoria! Most of the hard work was getting the colour right in the sponge mix and icing the cake at the end. I bought some new food colouring for this. I find the ones you get in the supermarket doesn’t give enough vibrancy (one mistake I made ages ago was I kept pouring more and more liquid food dye thinking it will eventually give a deeper colour but it didn’t! In the end it made my sponge mix too wet and most importantly it altered the taste of the cake – bleugh). So this time it looks to be a lot better although the royal blue tones look more turquoise than blue. I used toothpick to add the food dye and you always want to start with the light colours and work your way towards the deep end by adding more drops of the dye. With this dye you don’t need to add too much to give the colour – hence the use of toothpicks!

When making different layers of sponge it’s handy to use these sets of shallow baking tins – I managed to fit all of them inside my oven as well.

After bake there can sometimes be a slight dome in the centre. If you want to be neat trim the sponge so that it is flat at the top and bottom – this will make it easier to layer the sponges and for putting on the icing.

When it comes to icing it’s a skill I’m yet to master…Oh well, I just need to make more cakes to practice with! Mike helped me with icing this cake and in his words ‘it’s a bit like plastering a wall’ (he can be my lovely baking assistant any time!).


Carina the birthday girl with her younger sister Ramona


Blowing out the candles and making a wish


Cutting into the first level 


Dishing it out


Leftover sponge can be used to decorate the cake


Elsa figurine

I bought these Frozen figurines from the Disney store and they are really nice and brilliant as cake toppers. I only used Elsa on this cake but the rest I gave to the birthday girl and she was one happy lady!