A Sourdough Story

My First Journey to Making Sourdough Bread (Or as I like to call it - weirdough) I didn't think I would ever make sourdough as bread making is quite a dark art to me let alone sourdough! However, from my last trip to Poland I mentioned to Anna and her colleagues (from the company we were visiting) … Continue reading A Sourdough Story


Easter Hot Cross Buns

It's Easter weekend so there's no other bake that's better fitting than hot cross buns. These are spiced sweet buns usually made with currants or raisins and they are traditionally eaten over Easter in Britain and maybe other places too. These buns mark the end of lent with the crosses on the buns representing the … Continue reading Easter Hot Cross Buns

Custard Dream is the cream

These were made out of a 'light-bulb' moment I had at work. My colleague Maj had brought in chocolate Bourbon biscuits to share and unfortunately they are my least favourite of the British classics (next to Party Rings). So I told him to bring Custard Creams next time but then I thought - 'why don't … Continue reading Custard Dream is the cream


Work hard eat hard (in Poland)

I went to Krakow earlier this month with one of the directors from work for 2 nights. We're due to go back on Tuesday so I thought I'd better squeeze in this post before then. The purpose of the trip was to check the production quality of a product we've been working on in the last few … Continue reading Work hard eat hard (in Poland)