Easy Cheesy Rosemary Scones

So Saturday morning I got up early and made some freshly baked scones for breakfast. I divided the dough in half to make two different types - normal fruit scones and a raspberry and white chocolate one. I've made scones countless of times and they have never failed me...until now. This was a bad morning … Continue reading Easy Cheesy Rosemary Scones


Mint Aero Rocky Road

Rocky Road has got to be one of my favourite things to make and eat. There's minimum fuss but 'maxi-mmm'... effect. Here is a variation of this easy tray bake that I made for my work's BBQ on Friday. The minty taste makes this a nice after meal treat (although it's still very indulgent!). For … Continue reading Mint Aero Rocky Road

Dad’s Birthday Cake

Ever since I can remember birthday's in the Woo household were always celebrated with a fresh cream fruit salad cake from the Sicilian Pastry Shop in Leith. The sponges in their cake are light but voluminous and the whipped cream again are light and sweet which unfortunately for someone like me you can just keep … Continue reading Dad’s Birthday Cake


Dad’s 79th Birthday

On Friday we celebrated our dad's 79th birthday and as always my ambitious mum cooked a massive feast for the family. She's a wonder woman in the kitchen - making dishes upon dishes and never a sigh of exhaustion or sweat on her. We would offer our help but my mum always said 'no, you'll … Continue reading Dad’s 79th Birthday


Pistachio-Lemon-Olive Oil Cake

A good few years ago (back in 2013) I was out for dinner with a friend at Cafe Marlayne.  I tried pistachio cake for the first time and when I had that first bite I knew instantly, I was in love. The sponge was moist but light enough. It had a sort of melted white chocolate … Continue reading Pistachio-Lemon-Olive Oil Cake