Edinburgh Festival Fun Times

Wow it’s been a good few weeks since I’ve posted my last blog! August is always a busy month for us – with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival starting, shows to see, many friends to catch up with and birthdays to celebrate.

This year has been extra special with the visit of two very good pals from uni. We met almost 12 years ago starting the same Product Design Engineering course in Glasgow and we’ve been friends since. And since then Claire got married (husband came to visit too) and David moved to France but we’re just as I remembered it to be (reminiscing about out student days together is always fun too!).

Nothing beats catching up with old friends over food and drinks and food.

Claire, David, and me

Edinburgh Foodies Festival 

We took Claire and her husband to the Edinburgh Foodies Festival and it was great fun. We tried all the tasty samples from the various food stalls (some were from local shops around Edinburgh) and we watched demonstrations of people making tasty sweet treats and savoury dishes on stage (and yes we got to sample the food at the end too). Charlotte White (a very talented baker and author) presented on the Cake and Desserts theatre and she introduced the various guest bakers to the stage. I found her absolutely brilliant to watch and her fashion style was as amazing as her baking.

So living in Scotland there’s never guarantee of perfect sunshine. I have now learned that if the weather app says 5% chance of rain it probably means rain very likely – even if the sky is blue and the city’s blazing in sunshine in the morning; those grey clouds will always manage to make their way over somehow. With the festival being in an open field at Inverleith Park wellies would have been a clever attire of choice! Let’s just say my fairly new plimsolls were not so new by the end of the day (muuuuuuuuuuddy!). Nevertheless it was a lovely day hanging out with good friends and some nice foody souvenirs were bought.

Now, this festival is not free entry and the tickets can be quite expensive but we managed to get it at a discount price bought via Groupon . Or another site Itison had tickets half the price. So for people interested in going next year I would recommend looking out for vouchers through those websites. Another handy hint is that if you go on the last day of the festival and wait towards the end some of the stalls will be selling their products at a discount price to try and sell it all off before the end.



The desserts and cake stage


Tea, coffee, and cake stall


Taking a tea and cake break from the rain


Some poor “sole” got stuck in the mud!


Muddy field


Recognise moustache man from Masterchef 2017??


Muddy shoes


Me and Mike


Claire and her husband Matt – cake and pint in hand


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