Carina’s 6th Birthday

When asked of a soon to be 6 year old little girl what they want for a birthday cake you probably wouldn't expect 'Rock and Roll'. Well that's exactly what my niece asked for. Last year it was Disney's Frozen this year it was rock'n'roll! Rock on girl!!! I knew I wanted to make a … Continue reading Carina’s 6th Birthday


Make Some Waffles this Mother’s Day!

Treat your mum this Sunday with a waffle breakfast! These waffles have a nice crisp texture on the outside but soft on the inside - perfect serving for breakfast or brunch at home for your mum this Sunday! I served mine with a drizzle of honey and blueberries. This recipe requires a waffle maker or … Continue reading Make Some Waffles this Mother’s Day!

Spelt and Quinoa Scones

I was in London with a friend for a long weekend recently. We caught up with a few pals over a light bite at Le Quotidenne Pain in St. Pancras before our train journey home. I'm not a massive fan of quinoa but their spelt and quinoa scones with strawberry and rhubarb jam plus ricotta … Continue reading Spelt and Quinoa Scones


Date Slice

A while ago I posted a recipe for date slice. I made some more recently as I had some dates leftover from Christmas and I just love a date slice. Brilliant with a cup of tea. While getting the ingredients together I realised I didn't have any oats to use so the daring side of … Continue reading Date Slice


Cranberry, Oat, and White Chocolate cookies

HapPy NEw yEAr!!! Welcome 2018! It's been a bit of a slow winter (I know I know I've not posted here since November 2017), but I was enjoying the cosy nights in and chillaxing in front of the tv too much. I basically go into hibernation come winter. It's still winter here in Scotland though … Continue reading Cranberry, Oat, and White Chocolate cookies


Scandinavian Cardamom Buns

AKA Cardamom Knutar (Knots) I've been rummaging through my cookbooks recently to get a head start on ideas for this year's Christmas pudding. I sidetracked for a bit the other day and found this Scandinavian baking book which I realised I have not used yet so I decided to pay it a bit more attention. … Continue reading Scandinavian Cardamom Buns


Almond biscuits with Orange Blossom Water

There was something I tried a long time ago at a friends, her sister had made biscuits with orange blossom water - I think it was a Moroccan recipe. Anyway it obviously made a lasting impression on me and as I thought about it again more recently I decided I had to try make them … Continue reading Almond biscuits with Orange Blossom Water